ABA releases updated ABA workplace transport codes

The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) has announced the release of updated ABA workplace transport codes. Changes to these codes include:

  • M1 category now covers both electric and I.C.E
  • M1 category has been changed to be entitled multi directional counterbalance
  • New category has been created which is M3 multi directional reach truck
  • A second new category has been added which is G6 container straddle carrier remote control

Following the ABA’s meeting in February 2017, Ernest Martin and Ricky Durkin from Combilift presented an overview of Combilift’s range to the ABA members and have since provided the ABA with a full categorisation of their machines in relation to the ABA’s workplace transport codes.

Combilift’s machines have been categorised as follows;

On the new update, Nick Welch, Chairman of the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA), commented: “Following in-depth consultation with Combilift, the innovative and global lifting equipment manufacturer based in Ireland, the ABA are pleased to announce that to further clarify the ABA Workplace Transport Groupings the wide and varying range of lifting equipment that Combilift manufacture has now  been fully integrated into these category groupings, with the addition of one new group (G6) . A new version of the Workplace Transport Groupings has been produced (V4) so please destroy any previous editions and courtesy of Combilift, images of the Combilift range have also been included.”

The ABA asks that all training organisations cease using their previous code listing, and commence using the updated ABA Group list which can be downloaded from the ABA website.

2 thoughts on “ABA releases updated ABA workplace transport codes

  1. Excellent. Good clarification for the Combi vehicles but what about the new pivot, stand on, VNA order picker which was launched this year.


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