Application not design standards decide ABA categories

At the recent meeting of the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) much discussion took place over the categorisation of the Crown Wave and other similar machines such as Bravi Platforms’ spin-go and sprint machines .

The machines are used in a wide variety of settings and for multiple purposes. The machines have not been designed to meet MEWP regulations however they are used as a working platform to perform functions such as order picking and changing lightbulbs, they are also able to be driven elevated and boom vertically; 3A is therefore the most appropriate category for this machine type given its operational characteristics and implementation. All ABA members therefore agreed that the ABA grouping for these machines would be 3A.

We hope this clears up the previous confusion regarding what category the Crown Wave etc. fell into.

If you are unclear about what machines fall into which grouping at any time please do not hesitate to contact your accrediting body or the ABA at any time, we are here to help.

4 thoughts on “ Application not design standards decide ABA categories

  1. can we please have more verification on this, the statement claims that the Crown wave does not meet the design regulations for MEWP but you still put it in the same category, the manufacturer retails this as a order picker, if a company buys the machine as a order picker, uses it as a order picker, why is it categorised as a elevated platform, does the instructor need to have E1/E2 or MEWP (or both), I have just spoken to Crown and they have stated that they have just completed training on this equipment and classified it as E2


    • Hi Ken,

      There is currently a product standard(s) committee, lead by BSI MHE/7. In which, will specify the safety systems that must be built into the machine. As this machine is difficult to define the user (training) requirements, they must first establish what the machine standards consist of.
      The project is currently classifying the machine as a MPEP (Multi-Purpose Elevating Platform) and the group lead on the project is from an industrial truck (order picker) lead, not MEWP.

      Once MHE/7 have established the product standards, the ABA will work with BSI to create user requirements, testing standards and if required a new ABA category.


  2. The market sector for type of machine has grown rapidly over the last few years, and as a result, new standards may need to be considered. We will raise at the next ABA meeting.
    In the meantime, I would suggest you contact your accredited body for truck classification, as some of the ABA members already classify this in their own grouping, which is different to 3a or E2.


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